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When a dental problem gets severe, it lets you know loud and clear. Toothaches can be the worst pain ever! Fortunately, it never has to get to that point. A daily oral hygiene routine,  started early and done often, is the key to a lasting beautiful smile. Let Jack Z Bernardo Jr DDS show you how.


Saving smiles for 30 square miles! Serving all of Charleston.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that kids start seeing the dentist at age one. We agree that healthy oral care is a habit that should begin in childhood.


Even if a few years have gone by since your last dental visit, don't give up on your smile! Let us find the solution to your unique needs. Call or stop by our office today.

Never too soon, or too late

We're not talking about the space between your teeth. We can fix that, but we're talking about the space between dental visits. Every six months may work for some, but not for you. We'll help determine the right frequency, and teach you good habits for at-home oral care.


Jack Z Bernardo Jr DDS will help you care for your smile affordably and comfortably!

The space between

No matter where you are in life, make a healthy oral care regimen a part of it. Regular dental visits, along with daily at-home care, work wonders to preserve your precious smile. We'll show you how!

Helping you help yourself

An ounce of prevention or a world of hurt