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No matter where you go in the world, one gesture has a universal meaning: a smile!

Jack Z Bernardo Jr DDS will help ensure that yours is one you'll be proud to show throughout your life. Whether you were blessed with perfect pearly whites, or need veneers, come see us.


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Jack Z Bernardo Jr DDS uses the latest tools and technology to help clean your teeth with minimal discomfort. We strive to make our office environment as warm and nurturing as possible.


Worried about cost? Please don't be! We've helped thousands of people in the Charleston area work within their budgets to achieve the healthy smile they deserve. Call us today!

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Anytime we see folks walking around Charleston with a frown, it makes us frown, too.  Especially when we know that they're just self-conscious of their teeth. Don't feel that way for another minute! Call Jack Z Bernardo Jr DDS today.


General and cosmetic dentistry, and preventative care tailored to your unique needs.

Turn that frown upside down

Okay, we know seeing the dentist is not a "bucket list" activity. Jack Z Bernardo Jr DDS promises to make your experience as relaxing and painless as possible.  Call us today and feel the difference!

Don't like the dentist? You don't know Jack Z Bernardo Jr DDS!

If you're not smiling, we're not smiling